Iron Cross Front Bumper with Push Bar 22-715-07

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  • Our Price: $1749.15
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  • Part Number: 22-715-07
  • UPC: 700953947390
  • the Finish: Glossy Black
  • Rating: (34)

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Iron Cross 22-715-07 fits the following vehicle:

  • 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra
  • 4 models available: front bumper, rear bumper, front bumper with grille guard, and front bumper with push bar
  • Custom-designed applications for a host of specific vehicle dimensions
  • Bumpers feature lightweight design to ease suspension fatigue, CNC laser cutting for a precise fit, textured gloss powder coat finish, and a standard winch mount
  • Recessed light housing for standard 4" lights
  • Full grille guard option provides maximum front end protection
  • Push bar comes with 2" bull bar: rugged looks, modest protection
  • Rear bumper has tow hook mount, inside/outside double welding
  • Add extra front-end visibility with an Iron Cross LED Bumper Light Kit
  • Various models available in a Glossy Black finish or with Primer Only
  • 100% made in the USA
  • When the time comes to replace your truck's bumper, there are any number of factors to consider. Iron Cross knows this, and so Iron Cross Truck Bumpers are available in four different styles, similar enough to ensure consistent quality but varied enough to cater to your specific needs.

    All 4 models of Iron Cross Truck Bumpers share certain qualities and benefits. Each features a winch mount along with a lightweight design that does not put undue pressure on your truck's suspension. Each was made using precise CNC laser cutting, and all bumpers are finished with your choice of a handsome textured Glossy Black finish or if you prefer, with Primer Only. All front bumper models come with recessed housing for standard 4" lights, and each bumper, no matter its size, will be custom-cut to your specific vehicle's dimensions.

    Each option is its own animal, however. The standard front bumper is a sleek and powerful addition to any front end. Add a 2" bull bar for further bumper and grille detail protection. If more defense is needed, you can upgrade to a front bumper with a full grille guard. The Iron Cross rear bumper comes with a tow hook mount and is double-welded, inside and out, for extra durability.

    It's all here. Whatever your vehicle needs, and whatever optional enhancements you want, it's easy to find your perfect look with Iron Cross Truck Bumpers.