Cargo Carriers & Roof Racks

About Cargo Carriers & Roof Racks

Cargo Carriers and Roof Racks free up your legroom and let you haul more gear. Whether you're bringing along luggage or kayaks, these racks and carriers turn any vehicle into a cargo hauling machine. Plus, our skilled Customer Service team can help you find the perfect rack for your needs.

Vehicle Cargo Carriers and Roof Racks are an incredible addition to your vehicle. Few accessories do more for you or your family over a long road trip than do these exterior cargo containers. There's only so much room in your vehicle to begin with, and these will help you maximize it.

A Honda Civic Roof Rack, for instance, gives your smaller Civic more space for your gear, makes that gear easily accessible, and gives you and your passengers more room to breathe on those long road trips. Auto Accessories Garage carries a wide range of Cargo Carriers and Roof Racks, to fit whatever vehicle you drive. For road trips, weekend getaways, and even an afternoon at the golf course, a Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack will give your SUV the space and security you need.

Our Inno, Curt and Thule Roof Racks help you get more of your belongings where you need to go, whether it's luggage, bicycles, or even skis. Every Dodge Dakota Roof Rack is made from top-quality materials to withstand the hazards of the road, and modern designs give excellent cargo space with great looks and minimal impact on your vehicle's performance. Best yet, most of our Thule and Curt Cargo Carriers and Roof Racks are backed by Lifetime Warranties, and all of them ship to your door absolutely free.