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Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader

Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader
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  • Hoist your tinny onto your roof rack mechanically, without any lifting on your part, with a Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader
  • Fits over your roof, loading your boat from the passenger side
  • Once attached via rope to the pulley, winch your tinny onto your vehicle's roof using a hand drill
  • Works best for boats 12 feet long or less and 176 lbs. or fewer
  • The perfect way to carry your boat and tow a trailer at the same time
  • Fits a wide range of vehicles, including 4X4s, station wagons, and camper vans: recommended for use with vehicles featuring gutter and track mounts
  • As boat lifted onto roof, mechanism flips boat over, preventing collection of precipitation while traveling
  • Works best on level ground with pre-slickened ramp structure and support bars
  • Fits to Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty and Aero cross bars
  • 5-Year Warranty

Bringing your small boat along when you travel usually negates the possibility of towing anything else. Unless, of course, your boat is light enough to strap to your roof. If this is the case, the Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader is exactly what you need, allowing you to easily load your tinny atop your roof without the backbreaking work of hoisting it up yourself.

This mechanism fits atop your roof and loads your boat from the passenger side. Once the support bars are properly greased, attach the requisite ropes to each side of your boat. This allows you to use a hand drill to winch the boat atop your vehicle. Your tinny will flip over on its own as it loads, keeping out rainwater and precipitation as you travel. The Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader works best for boats 12 feet long and smaller, 176 lbs. or lighter, and it's designed to work with Rhino-Rack Aero and Heavy Duty cargo bars. Whether you own a station wagon, 4X4, or low-roofed camper van, so long as your vehicle has gutter and track mounts, this system will work.

Take the back-breaking work out of traveling with your tinny. Winch it atop your vehicle with the Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty.