Dashboard Covers


About Dashboard Covers

Nothing ruins your interior looks like a cracked, faded dashboard. That's why we carry a full array of stylish Dashboard Covers in several different materials. Use our Vehicle Selector, and we'll only display the dash mats that are custom-designed for a perfect fit on your exact vehicle.

The dashboard is probably the one piece of your interior you see more than anything else. It's also the first piece to be hit with harsh sunlight and UV rays, causing nasty cracks, warps, and fading. Don't let your exposed dash fall prey to sun damage - keep it covered with custom Dash Covers from Auto Accessories Garage.

If you want to jazz up your truck's interior style, we have a Dodge Ram 1500 Dash Cover to suit your needs. Or, if you want to hide sun damage in your car, we have protective Acura TL Dash Cover in a variety of great materials including Velour, Carpet, and even Suede. These covers absorb light, preventing the bright sun glare that can interfere with your driving. Every dash cover we sell is custom-designed to your exact vehicle for a precise fit, superior looks, and outstanding protection. We also offer matching Rear Deck Covers that keep your rear deck safe from sun damage and enhance your style.

There's no reason to let a cracked, faded rear deck or dashboard make your vehicle look bad while simultaneously lowering its resale value. If you drive and park a Honda Fit in a sunny area, don't let it ruin your interior. Keep covered with a Honda Fit Dash Cover from Auto Accessories Garage and keep looking great.