About Deflectors

Keep nasty bugs off your windshield and the wind out of your ears with a set of Deflectors. Put them on the front of your hood, over your windows, or at the front of your sunroof, and keep your vehicle clean and quiet. Plus, our vehicle selector and experienced customer service team will help you find the best custom deflectors for your ride.

If you've ever rolled the windows down on the highway, even a crack, you know the loud, annoying sound of whistling wind. But what else can you do if you want some fresh air on the road? Your answer is right here: Wind Deflectors from Auto Accessories Garage.

Window deflectors or vent visors work by blocking wind and redirecting it around the edge of your window, drastically minimizing that obnoxious howl. The overhanging design of deflectors like Ford F150 Bug Deflectors keeps rocks, bugs, and precipitation out. We also offer Chevy Silverado Deflectors options, which allow you to keep your windows slightly open for fresh air at any speed, even in the rain!

Deflectors like your Toyota 4Runner Deflectors are available for front and rear windows, as well as the sunroof. You can also pick up a Bug Deflector, which sits at the front of the hood to keep fat bugs and kicked-up rocks from gunking up or even damaging your windshield. All of our bug shields, window deflectors, and sunroof deflectors are made from durable composites that stand up to the assault of the road and look great in chrome or tinted finish.