Heartthrob X-Pipe Kit

3950 C Univ.
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Product Details

  • The Heartthrob X Pipe Kit gives your vehicle added horsepower and a muscle car sound that's sure to please the purists
  • Made of high aluminized steel
  • Constructed with true mandrel bends for optimal performance
  • A Heartthrob X Pipe Kit is a great addition to any pre-catalytic vehicle in need of more "oomph"
  • Balances exhaust flow to create a unique sound
  • Designed for a universal fit; no welding required
  • Made in the USA
  • The roar of a high-end exhaust is a beautiful thing. It is a sound that serves as a metaphor for the superior craftsmanship behind high performance vehicles. Now you can apply that same kind of muscle car speed and sound to any vehicle with the Heartthrob X Pipe Kit.

    Made of high-grade aluminized steel, these pipes are formed with true mandrel bends to provide balanced exhaust flow for more power and a consistent sound. This pipe kit is perfect for anyone who wants to give their car the kind of swishing exhaust sound that performance racers pine for. Plus, the Heartthrob X Pipe Kit is designed to fit universally to all vehicles, with no welding required.

    The bite of the Heartthrob X Pipe Kit is just as big as its bark. This pipe kit does more than just sound tough - it will also dramatically increase your vehicle's horsepower to give you the power you need to reach race-level speeds. From initial acceleration, to top speed, you'll be able to hear and feel the high performance power of the Heartthrob X Pipe Kit.