Putco Metal 360 LED Automotive Light Bulbs

6541 CM
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Product Details

  • Bring powerful performance to all of your ride’s lights with Putco Metal 360 LED Automotive Light Bulbs
  • Direct replacement for headlights, reverse lights, brake lights, blinkers, and more
  • Available in a variety of colors including White, Amber, Red, Green, Blue, and more
  • 15 LED chips per bulb offer full 360° illumination
  • Plus & Play design for easy installation
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
  • Your vehicle is made up of thousands of smaller components and part of being a car owner is insuring that each of these components is the best it can be. When it comes to the halogen lightbulbs in your headlights, tail lights, reverse lights and more, they have a tendency to lose their gusto over time – or burn out completely. Replace your fading halogens with some of the most technologically advanced lighting on the market - Putco Metal 360 LED Automotive Light Bulbs.

    With 15 LED chips per bulb, your Putco Metal 360 LED Automotive Light Bulbs provide a full 360 degrees of illumination with no radio frequency interference. Dual polarity makes installation easy, and a complete plug and play installation means you can swap out brake lights, blinkers, reverse lights, headlights, parking lights, side markers, or license plate lights in mere minutes. Best of all, these lights are designed to be error free when running with CANBUS and will not trigger your warning lights.

    A copper core means heat can escape quickly and efficiently for optimal performance. A solid aluminum frame provides further thermal management. These lights are sold in pairs and backed by a 1-Year Warranty.