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Wolo Nexgen Hide Away LED Kit

Wolo Nexgen Hide Away LED Kit
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Nexgen Hide Away LED Kit

Nexgen Plus Hide Away LED Kit

  • Be seen on the scene with the Wolo Nexgen Hide Away LED Kit
  • 15 Advanced flash patterns are selected with an included control panel
  • Choose between the standard 4 LED Kit or the 6 LED Plus Kit
  • Pick your favorite arrangement of Clear, Amber, Red, and Blue lights
  • Each encapsulated bulb features eight GEN 3 LEDs and a moisture-blocking encasement
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

For vehicles that need to be seen on the scene, a powerful emergency light system is non-negotiable. Whether it’s construction, security, or emergency response and rescue, making your presence known is a key element to safely performing your duties. With the Wolo Nexgen Hide Away LED Kit you get fifteen advanced flash patterns to choose from, all of which are easily cycled through with the touch of a button on the included control panel.

Your Wolo Nexgen Hide Away LED Kit is available as a standard Hide Away Kit (with four LEDs), or the Plus Hide Away Kit (with six LEDs). Each kit allows you to supplement your clear LEDs with Amber, Red, or Blue. Each bulb features eight omnidirectional GEN 3 LEDs, which are encapsulated to protect against moisture and road vibrations. In addition, an included gasket further ensures a water-tight seal and protects the state-of-the-art microprocessor.

Each kit was designed with an easy installation in mind, and they install directly into your vehicle’s composite headlights and taillights – and with the Plus Kit, your front cornering lights as well. With heavy-duty power outlets to supply each bulb with the correct wattage, a switch control panel and mounting hardware included, this kit is everything you’ll need to bring brilliant light to your vehicle. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.