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Bully Dog Watchdog Monitor

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  • Monitor your engine stats and learn how to more efficiently drive your vehicle
  • First-of-its-kind Driving Coach software analyzes your driving habits and makes valuable suggestions on how to improve your economy (see video above for more info)
  • Replaces countless gauges - displays 4 of over 20 different parameters at a time
  • Large, back-lit LCD screen
  • Easy installation - simply plug in to your OBD-II port
  • Works on all vehicles made after 1996
  • 1-Year Warranty

As fuel prices continue to rise, you would probably love to make fewer trips to the gas station. Your first line of defense against pain at the pump is to break some driving habits that may be hurting your fuel economy. The Bully Dog Watchdog monitors and analyzes your engine stats and driver behavior to help you find more efficient driving techniques and enhance your fuel economy by as much as 37%.


The Bully Dog Watchdog features Driving Coach software, the first of its kind. Driving Coach gathers and processes information from your engine's sensors in real time. As you drive, the Watchdog learns your driving conditions and habits and guides you in finding the most economical and efficient driving methods. For example, if you frequently wait until the last second to apply the brakes, the Driving Coach will notice this and advise you on how to improve your braking and coasting methods.


The Watchdog also acts as a comprehensive digital gauge. It can display four parameters at a time with over 20 different stats to choose from (see list below). It also displays and clears DTC codes and performs tests for horsepower, torque, and times like 0-60 and 1/8-mile. The 64-color LCD digital display is large and easy to read at a glance, and its backlight is adjustable for nighttime driving.


Don't waste your weekend fumbling with installation - the Bully Dog Watchdog simply plugs right into the OBD-II port on any vehicle made after 1996. It even comes with a setup wizard to help you easily calibrate your Watchdog to your engine.


Don't waste any more money at the pump - win the fuel battle with the Bully Dog Watchdog. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

Monitoring functions include, depending on vehicle: Real Time Fuel Economy, Average Fuel Economy, Trip Fuel Economy, Load, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Pressure (gasoline vehicles), Fuel Rail Pressure (diesel vehicles), Manifold Absolute Pressure, Engine RPM, Speed, Timing Position, Air Intake Temperature, Mass Air Flow (grams/sec), Throttle Position, Fuel Level, Battery Voltage, Ambient Air Temperature, Transmission Temperature, Pyrometer #1 & 2*(optional), Boost*, Injection Pulse Width*, Barometer*, Oil Temperature* , Injection Control Pressure* (*Diesel Specific Monitoring functions)

Bully Dog Watchdog Monitor Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

4.6 of 5

Average Install Time: 1-2 hours

Christopher L 2013-10-07

Very easy to install. I have a Dodge Dakota and i do not have a fuse box in the cabin. so i had to put the power wire onto the tapped power train fuse. very easy just takes time to get the wire through the hole that has a very tight rubber piece around a wire from the steering wheel to the fuse box. once it was through i removed some plastic parts to sneak the hdmi cable through so i can display it in the front. The actual computer itself is very nice to have. I am able to view all my trucks vitals and see if a problem occurs before it becomes a real problem. the driving coach is interesting and i cant say it saved me fuel as its too early to tell, but i think it will and changing your driving habits does save fuel. also, now that i have this, i pay more attention to my driving and just enjoying the drive. a must get for people that just love their cars/trucks. very easy to install, just read the directions and there are how-tos on the internet.

Install Time: 1-2 hours

Charles S 2012-07-27

Product is cool. Instructions SUCK

Install Time: 30-60 minutes