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DiabloSport PowerPuck Module

Sorry, this product is no longer available. Click Here to shop other available Power Programmers and Control Modules
  • Bring more power to your diesel engine with the DiabloSport PowerPuck Module
  • Entire tuning device devoted to generating more power
  • Delivering more fuel volume advances your ignition curve
  • Better drivability both in town and on the highway, power increased through the entire RPM range for benefits in all situations
  • Horsepower increases from 50-90 hp and torque increases between 100-180 ft./lbs., depending on application
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes
  • Completely sealed wiring harness for longer-lasting power
  • Stackable with other PowerPucks to further maximize power gains
  • Designed to work WITH your truck's ignition system, not over top or in place of
  • Lifetime Warranty

Your truck is powerful, sure. You wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't. But here's the deal: it can be MORE powerful, but only if you let it. Do so, and enjoy the monster power gains that follow, by using a DiabloSport PowerPuck Module.

The PowerPuck is one tuning device that is devoted solely to the generation of as much power as possible. In this case, that means between 50-90 hp and 100-180 ft./lbs. torque, depending on the application. Your truck will drive better, both in town and on the highway, and the DiabloSport PowerPuck Module is designed to augment your system with more power, not fight it or dominate. Rather, it will let you dominate, with multiple PowerPucks able to be stacked for maximum performance. Easy to install, with no cutting or drilling required, it will take you about ten minutes to outfit your truck with this system, at which point you will be ready to throw some weight around.

There's nothing wrong with wanting your truck to be as powerful as it can possibly be. Aid yourself in this process by installing a DiabloSport PowerPuck Module. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.