Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer

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Product Details

  • Maximize your sport compact performance with the Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer
  • Gives your engine a customized tuning job, at a fraction of the time and cost
  • Optimized for higher fuel efficiency in the low end and huge power gains when running wide open
  • Increases power and acceleration while providing smoother shifting
  • The Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer works great with modifications like intakes and exhausts
  • Performs the following functions, depending on your vehicle:
    • Power Tuning for regular or premium fuel
    • Rev Limiter and Top Speed Limiter adjust your maximum RPMs, shift points, and speed
    • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), including "Check Engine" lights
    • Electronic Throttle Restriction for maximized throttle response
    • Adjust the V-TEC camshaft profile on Honda/Acura vehicles for a customized power band
    • Returns to stock settings in minutes
  • Includes a USB cable and update software
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Make the most of your sport compact without the high cost of a custom dyno tune. The Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer is specially designed to pull maximum power and performance out of your import sport vehicle's engine. It's also optimized for higher MPGs in the lower range and big power at open throttle for the best combination of performance and efficiency.

    The Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer performs a wide range of functions to get the most out of your sport vehicle. On most models it lets you adjust the rev limiter to maximize your modifications like intakes and exhausts. Plus, its electronic throttle restriction gives you even better throttle response. The Max Energy Hypertech Programmer is like getting a custom dyno tune, without the high cost.

    Your Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer is designed to your exact vehicle for a fast plug-and-play installation. In under 10 minutes you'll be dialing in optimized performance and awesome power. The Hypertech Max Energy Programmer includes a USB cable for easy software updates via the Internet. And if you need to return your ride to stock settings the Hypertech Max Energy Sport resets your factory tune in minutes. Your Hypertech Max Energy Sport Programmer is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

    Note: Not recommended for use with E85 fuel.