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Hellwig Power Lift Air Springs

Hellwig Power Lift Air Springs
  • Regular Price: $672.55-2,320.50
  • Our Price: $456.57 - 1,575.36
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What Do You Drive?
  • Replace the steel coil springs on your GM truck or SUV with soft-ride air springs
  • Air springs provide superior ride quality
  • Automatic system adjusts air spring pressure based on vehicle load to maintain a set height
  • More accurate control and handling under heavy loads
  • Better stability control when unloaded, less bottoming
  • Kit includes double convoluted air springs, hardware, air line, fill valves, powder coated components, and installation instructions
  • Easy bolt-on installation

The Power Lift Air Suspension Conversion System from Hellwig replaces the steel rear coil springs on your GM SUV or truck with soft-riding air springs. These bolt-on air springs give your vehicle excellent ride quality, using large air volume to soften rides both heavily loaded and unloaded. These springs offer better control and handling while hauling heavy loads as well as less bottoming and a smoother unloaded ride. Most importantly, the Power Lift can compensate for suspension height changes when loading heavy gear. This system allows you to dial in a set height that stays consistent no matter the load weight.

For example, you can dial in a bumper height to 21 inches. When you apply a load to the vehicle either in cargo or on the towing hitch, the bumper will drop accordingly. Height sensors in the Power Lift springs send signals that the bumper has dropped below 21 inches, telling the compressors to inflate the springs. This raises the bumper back up until the 21 inch height is maintained. Conversely, when loads are removed and the bumper height exceeds the set height, the sensors tell the Power Lift valves to deflate, lowering the bumper back to the 21 inch preset. At all times only the necessary air pressure is applied to the springs, giving you the most ideal ride quality for the load.

Power Lift Air Springs feature longer suspension travel, easy installation, and many years of handling heavy duty loads. The springs can be installed with common hand tools, so you can do it yourself or have it easily installed professionally. The Power Lift Conversion Kit includes double convoluted air springs, zinc-plated hardware with heavy duty poder coated components, air line, fill valves, and installation instructions.