Curt Swivel Trailer Jack

4290 C Univ.

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Product Details

  • Curt Swivel Trailer Jacks are ideal for a wide variety of applications and trailer types
  • Designed to swivel away during travel
  • Offers maximum ground clearance for your trailer tongue
  • Includes weldable mounting pipe for a solid installation
  • Simply pull a pin and the jack swivels up and away
  • Available with Black or Red Claw handle
  • Trailer jacks are great for propping up your trailer when you aren't traveling, but once you're back on the road they can hit curbs and speed bumps, causing undue damage. Mount a Curt Swivel Trailer Jack, however, and get the benefits of a jack without the inconvenience. This jack swings out of the way during travel, maximizing your ground clearance.

    Curt Swivel Trailer Jacks are built tough, with a load capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. They're available in both top wind and side wind designs, with either a black or red claw handle. The Curt Swivel Jack includes a weldable mounting pipe or bracket for a secure installation, and the jack swivels away by simply pulling a pin.

    Lift your trailer securely and tow with peace of mind with the Curt Swivel Trailer Jack.

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    Great product from a great business. Fit exactly where the one I drove off without raising came from. Was shipped and received in one day.

    Install Time: Instant