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About Towing & Hitches

Just about any vehicle can become a trailer hauler with our Hitches and Towing Accessories. Our Trailer Hitches are rugged and custom-made to your vehicle for a perfect fit, and all of our Towing Accessories help you haul safely and more conveniently. Plus, our Vehicle Selector makes it simple to find the hitches that fit your exact year, make, and model vehicle.

Our Towing & Hitches category is full of the parts and accessories that allow you to pull nearly any load to your job site or vacation spot safely and easily. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, we've got the right equipment you need to pull your boat to the beach or take a camper out for the weekend.

Hook your van up with a Honda Odyssey Trailer Hitch and take full advantage of your vehicle's towing capacity. At Auto Accessories Garage we have a wide selection of trailer hitches and receiver hitches. A Jeep Wrangler Trailer Hitch attaches directly to your frame, forming the link between your vehicle and a trailer, RV, or horse trailer. We also carry 5th Wheel & Gooseneck Hitches, which can pull up to 30,000 pound loads. (However, do not exceed your vehicle's towing limit.) When hauling heavy loads, you need all the braking help you need. Plug in a Curt Brake Controller to synchronize your trailer brakes with your pedal so you stop quicker and safer. Whatever you need to maximize the use of your hitch, we've got it!

Even if you don't have a big rig, we have plenty of offerings to help you find the perfect gear to get you where you need to go, like our Honda Pilot Trailer Hitches. We also carry all the wiring you need to properly connect your rig. From tail light converters and harnesses to T-connectors, we've got your trailer electronics covered.