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ARB Snatch Strap

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Snatch Strap

  • Pull vehicles out of tough spots with an ARB Snatch Strap
  • Stretches under loads for maximum performance
  • Returns to original size when not in use
  • Minimizes chance of vehicle damage
  • Three breaking strengths to choose from
    • 17,600 lbs.
    • 24,000 lbs.
    • 33,000 lbs.
  • Backed by a 2-Year Warranty

Hitting the off-road trails is about as fun as it gets and like most fun things, the more the merrier! Plus, if you’re off-roading with friends you'll be in high demand when you have an ARB Snatch Strap in your recovery gear. This flexible strap will help you rescue other bogged or immobilized 4x4s on the trails.

Designed to stretch a genuine 20% under loads, you ARB Snatch Strap can reliably pull heavy weights while minimizing the possibility of vehicle damage. When not in use this ductile strap will return to its original size, allowing you to use it again and again. This 100% Nylon strap is 29 feet in length.

This strap is available in three sizes. A 2.3” wide strap can take 17,6000 lbs., a 3” wide strap can handle up to 24,000 lbs., and the beefy 4.3” strap is weight rated to 33,000 lbs. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.