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WARN Powerplant Dual Force Winch

WARN Powerplant Dual Force Winch
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  • Revolutionary design combines a powerful winch and high quality air compressor in one unit
  • Compressor generates 5cfm at 90 psi
  • Choose between the "High Performance" 9,500 lb. winch for off-road and light truck use and the "Heavy Duty" 12,000 lb. winch model for farm and full-size truck use
  • 4.6 HP Series Wound motor with fast line speeds
  • Built-in intercooler and reservoir
  • Wired remote switch with winch thermometric display

WARN has raised the bar yet again with the PowerPlant Dual Force! Combining a brawny top-quality winch with a high-end air compressor, the PowerPlant is a space-saving, convenient unit that will change the way you conduct your off-road business. With the WARN PowerPlant Dual Force you can keep your tires inflated, make repairs on the fly, and with the flip of a switch bail yourself or buddies out of the mud. All this funcionality comes in a single unit that's easy to install, easy to maintain and operate, and costs less than if you bought a compressor and winch separately!

With the flip of a switch the WARN PowerPlant Dual Foce changes from Compressor to Winch mode. Choose between two winch models to suit your needs:

High Performance (HP): For off-roaders, hunters, or fishermen in a Jeep, SUV or light truck. The PowerPlant HP has 9,500 pounds of pull and a fast, 5 fpm line speed under max load for quick bailouts. The HP also includes 125 feet of 5/16" wire rope, giving you more than enough anchoring range.

Heavy Duty (HD): For farmers, ranchers, and tradesmen on the job in a full-sized truck or work vehicle With 12,000 pounds of pulling power, a 3-stage planetary gear train with a 261:1 ratio, and 80 feet of beefy 3/8" wire rope, you've got the hardest working winch to tackle your hardest jobs. The HD winch is designed for maximum endurance to handle long, hard pulls. The air compressor is plenty powerful to run nail guns and impact wrenches, and you can add WARN's optional auxiliary air tanks, plumbing kits, and accessories to fully maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Both WARN PowerPlant Dual Force on-board air compressors boast 5 cfm at 90 psi, along with an intercooler and air reservoir built-in. That means you can inflate four 35 inch tires from 8 to 35 psi in under 8 minutes! The included nylon air hose and couplers give you access all around your vehicle when you need it. You can even use the PowerPlant compressor to power air tools and other devices for easy repairs during an off-road excursion.

The WARN PowerPlant Dual Force features a high-gloss powdercoated finish over chromate coating for excellent chip and corrosion protection. It comes to you complete with a nylon air hose, tire gauge, dual air chuck, quick connect couplers, and a hand-held wired remote control with a thermometric display so you know when your winch needs to cool down.

Get immense pulling power and a top-quality air compressor in one awesome package - the WARN PowerPlant Dual Force!