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DK2 Elite Snow Plow

  • Our Price: $2,579.18 - 3,015.98
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What Do You Drive?
  • Make your ride a real winter warrior with the DK2 Elite Snow Plow
  • Wireless actuator specifically built to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Vehicle specific mounting hardware easy to install and remove
  • Includes skid shoes, deflector, blade markers, and casters
  • Choose between 82", 88", or 84" blade lengths
  • Includes wireless remote control
  • DK2 Plows Comparison Chart
  • Custom mount included - $300 Value!
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

There’s nothing better than having your own plow. With a snow plow you can clear away snowfall fifty times faster than with a snow blower. But as hard as your plow works, it should come as no surprise that winch-powered plows have their fair share of failure points. That’s why the folks at DK2 strengthened their entire line in the areas where strength is needed the most with their Elite Snow Plow.

Your DK2 Elite Snow Plow is available in three distinct body styles which are based on blade length, Rampage II Elite (82" blade), the Storm II Elite (84" blade), or the Summit II Elite (88" blade). Equipped with a weather-ready actuator and an internal clutch, this system drastically improves the reliability of the entire system by eliminating any winch-related issues such as broken straps, quick drops, or total winch failure. Featuring a reinforced Steel blade, a reversible scraper allows this set-up to last twice as long without the need for maintenance.

A snow deflector is included to minimize windshield spray, and the wireless remote control allows you to raise and lower this plow from the comfort of your cab. Once installed, you can manually angle the blade in three distinct directions. Thanks to vehicle specific mounting brackets, it's easy to get this plow on the front of your rig - and remove it in the off season. Rolling caster wheels are conveniently located on the underside make it easy to move this plow around when not in use. Skid shoes and blade markers included. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

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