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SnowEx Salt Spreaders

It's not only shoveling or plowing that gets your driveway and sidewalks clear in winter time. Melt everything for total safety and convenience with SnowEx Salt Spreaders. These easy-to-use devices spread your supply far and wide no matter whether you walk behind on your sidewalk or drive one attached to your tailgate on local roads and parking lots. If you're goal is to melt that snow and ice, then you need to pick one up today.


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SnowEx Tailgate Salt Spreader
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About SnowEx Winter Accessories

Salt's devastating effect on road ice is nothing short of miraculous, especially when you think about how many lives this simple chemical process has saved over the years. By simply throwing down some rock salt, everything from walkways to highways instantly transforms from treacherous to navigable. Of course, that action gets more complicated the more surface area you need to cover. Luckily, SnowEx Salt Spreaders are here to save the day.

SnowEx offers a wide array of salt spreaders to cover everything from driveways and cul de sacs to mall-sized parking lots and roads. These different sizes also mean that virtually any vehicle large or small can take on salt spreading duties. They even make a hand-operated walk behind spreader, so you can get the best and most efficient coverage for your sidewalks and paths.

You're probably well aware of how badly salt can cause stains, rust, and other damage. SnowEx knows this, too - that's why they craft their spreaders and hoppers from rugged, high-quality materials like no-rust polypropylene and utilize simple, efficient designs that have fewer parts to clog or break down. The result is long-lasting, reliable gear that will always help you out when you need it most.

Best yet, at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com we make it simple to find and order the parts you need, and we'll ship your whole order to you absolutely free. So don't delay - get your ice-killing rig together, save a bunch with AAG, and become the hero of the neighborhood.





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