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Thule XG-12 Pro Tire Chains

Thule XG-12 Pro Tire Chains
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  • Thule XG-12 Pro Tire Chains guarantee a perfect fit without the hassle for your truck or SUV
  • Self-adjusting tensioner and centering mechanism pulls your chains into the perfect, tight fit for your tires
  • Available in a wide variety of wheel/tire combinations: easily find the perfect size for your vehicle's configuration
  • Sterling performance and dependability in the harshest winter conditions thanks to Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy chain construction
  • Won't scuff or scratch your rims and wheels
  • 12 mm wheel well clearance required
  • Color-coded connection points for easy installation
  • Every set comes with hard case, kneeling mat, gloves, and replacement chain links
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • 1-Year Warranty

In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to get your truck's snow chains on, especially in less-than-ideal conditions. Next time, trust Thule XG-12 Pro Tire Chains to do the job for you.

These snow chains' revolutionary technology does most of the hard work for you. A self-tensioner and self-centering device pulls your chains to the exact fit needed for smooth operation while you drive. Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy construction ensures durability and performance for these chains which won't scuff your rims or wheels upon installation. Color-coded connection points make installation a breeze, and Thule XG-12 Pro Tire Chains are available in many different tire/wheel size combinations to fit most trucks and SUVs. Sold in sets of 2, every set purchased comes with a hard-shell packing case, kneeling mat, and installation gloves to further ease installation, as well as replacement chain links.

In rough-and-tumble conditions, you can't take chances on your snow chains being correctly tightened. Be certain your chains are the proper tightness for your truck or SUV by using Thule XG-12 Pro Tire Chains. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.