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About ABD

Few companies are charged by a major automotive manufacturer with making exclusive accessories. That, however, is exactly what happened with American Brother Designs. General Motors has given ABD their blessing to make official merchandise for the Cruze, Spark, and Sonic vehicles. And why wouldn't they? These chrome accents are as heavy-duty and well-made as they come.

The secret to the structural integrity of ABD trim comes down to materials. Nothing but aircraft-grade aluminum is used to make these door sills, fuel doors, emblems, handles, and shifter knobs, and it is cut using precision-calibrated machines for a perfect fit to your vehicle. By focusing their energies, they are able to make better, more durable products than their competitors. When it's time to upgrade your ride's style, you will notice a major difference when you go with American Brother Designs, and a welcome one at that.

Don't go for the cheap stuff just to save your bottom line. Save up some money and only go with something that GM itself has authorized. Change up your Chevy's looks for the better with American Brother Designs!