Bassani Accessories

About Bassani

In 1969, Darryl Bassani transformed motor sports when he started crafting unprecedented exhaust systems for motorcycles. Soon, Bassani would start making exhaust systems for autos, and the company became a household name among speed enthusiasts. More than 30 years later, Bassani is still building some of the most advanced exhaust systems on the market.

Why are Bassani exhaust systems superior? Bassani Xhaust has decades of experience, so it's engineers have discovered what works and what doesn't. Many exhaust builders just make a system that fits your vehicle, but Bassani custom makes your exhaust to match with your engine for maximum performance gains. Plus, Bassani never skimps on materials, using only choice metals that can outlast the life of your vehicle. Besides their infamous Aft-Cat exhaust system, Bassani also makes fast-flowing performance exhaust headers, mufflers, X-pipes and Y-pipes. When you upgrade your entire exhaust with matching Bassani accessories, you get optimum horsepower and torque boosts -your Bassani exhaust system can even increase your fuel economy.