Fabtech Lift Kits & Suspension

About Fabtech

Fabtech is recognized as a leader and innovator in suspension design and manufacturing for offroad enthusiasts. The company is driven by advanced technology which allows them to develop innovative, award-winning products. Their lean manufacturing process keeps Fabtech on the cutting edge of design, research, and development.

Fabtech resides in Chino, California, with a large state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, and distribution facility. Every one of their in-house divisions is managed and structured for continuous improvement with no limitations to available technology. Every aspect of Fabtech products, whether it's welding, laser cutting, R&D, or packaging and shipping, is closely monitored and constantly improved. When you hit the off-road, trust the superior service and durability of Fabtech.

Fabtech Suspension Systems and Performance Shocks are built to exacting standards and tolerances for the highest performance possible. They meticulously weld their components using Miller Welding equipment for unsurpassed strength. Robotic CNC laser cutting ensures total uniformity and quality control. Fabtech Suspension's computer-controlled robotics perform multiple manufacturing processes 24 hours a day for incredible efficiency and output of products.

Fabtech Lift Kits and Suspension Systems are extensively researched in their development for the goal of achieving a perfect fit and superior ride quality. They take the time to fit every new suspension system and truck lift kit to multiple vehicles, allowing them to see the inconsistencies between them and build tolerances that allow Fabtech Lift Kits and Suspension Parts to fit properly and easily into every vehicle. They are then tested in a variety of driving environments and conditions, both on the road and off. Multiple drivers provide feedback from these tests, giving Fabtech valuable data for development.

Fabtech's devotion to quality control, extensive research, and manufacturing consistency are just some of the reasons Fabtech builds the finest suspension systems and lift kits for the off-road market.