Heat & Clean

Heat & Clean Winter Driving Accessories


About Heat & Clean

From the Frozen North comes a range of accessories ideally suited to the worst weather winter can bring: Heat & Clean! As the name says, this Canadian company's products use heat to clean your vehicle so you can operate it safely. That's not all they do, of course, but your windshield wipers and your washer fluid never worked as well as they will once you get a load of these accessories!

Better still, these guys are committed to green policies that promote sustainability and are friendly to the environment. Also, they've crafted just about everything to be so easy to use any DIYer can do it, even without much resembling a mechanical background. The fact of the matter is, they want to make your life easier. At Heat & Clean, you're the boss, and your convenience is the goal. These nice folks won't let winter slow you down, so check them out today!