Meguiar's Car Care Products

About Meguiar's

The folks behind Meguiar's Car Care Products know car polishes, shampoos, and waxes. And very well they should, since they've been at it for over 100 years. The business started as a furniture polish laboratory and manufacturer in Frank Meguiar, Jr.'s, garage way back in 1901. He mixed his polishes with an egg beater back then, eventually transitioning to car care products with the rise of automobiles featuring the very same wooden finishes as the furniture his polishes protected.

A lot has changed in the intervening years, of course. Starting in 1950, the elder Meguiar's three sons took over the family business, which by this point counted most major auto manufacturers and car shows among its vast array of clients. Meguiar's didn't sell to the public directly until 1973, but since then direct consumer sales have accounted for the majority of their business, though they still work with car shows and car clubs as often as possible. Whether to consumers or the major clubs and corporations, the Meguiar's brand, now on its fourth generation of family ownership, will not sell a product to anybody unless it is absolutely convinced of the product's quality.

Lucky for them, Meguiar's products are the best in the business. Their Cleaner Wax, in fact, is the #1 selling liquid car wax in America. Based in Irvine, CA, with a production plant in Nashville, TN, Meguiar's also enjoys a wide-ranging international presence, headquartered in Hong Kong, with satellite offices in Toronto, Paris, and Sydney. From polishes to waxes, cleaners to restoring compounds, and all the necessary applicators and towels to get the most out of everything they sell, Meguiar's Car Care Products is the most-trusted name in car care. Over a century's worth of high-quality products will do that for you.