SSBC Accessories

About SSBC

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) has been an innovator in the brake world since 1975. Since developing the first stainless steel sleeved caliper for classic Mustangs and Corvettes, SSBC has become the industry standard for top quality brake components and systems. They offer performance brake upgrades for everything from sport compacts to classic muscle cars to trucks and SUVs.

SSBCs state of the art manufacturing technology drives their capability to design, test, and build quality braking products. They use this technology to manufacture parts to exacting tolerances and with precise and consistent quality. SSBC continues to look into new technology and methods to create the highest quality braking products available.

SSBC, located in Clarence, NY, is now in its second generation of family ownership. In the past few years they have expanded their headquarters by over 15,000 square feet and added a new Research & Development wing to their building.