Takeda is a division of aFe, a leader in the automotive aftermarket in intake, exhaust, filtration, and other performance products for applications ranging from European sports cars to diesel trucks. Takeda is focused on developing products for performance-driven premium auto enthusiasts.

Takeda's philosophy is to provide only the most highly engineered performance products to their customers. All Takeda products are developed and researched in a state of the art factory by experienced airflow engineers with strong ties to Japanese tuning. They utilize hi-tech digial measuring, flow bench testing, and real world dyno testing to ensure optimal fit, function, and performance. All Takeda intakes are built with polished aluminum tubes with a maintenance-free anodized clear coat. Every intake kit includes a filter with aFe's oil-free Pro Dry S technology, which allows superior filtration and airflow with 99.4% efficiency. Takeda also warrants their intakes to be free of defects from materials and workmanship for 2 years.