Surco Products Inc. is one of the leading auto accesory manufacturers in the U.S. With over 30 years of industry involvement under their belts, Surco has established a reputation of high quality products and customer trust. Father and son Ludwig and Uri Surkin started the company with the simple idea to bring new, innovative products to auto enthusiasts. To this day the Surkins continue to create and design new products for a variety of areas within the automotive industry.

Surco Products has manufactured their products entirely in the United States since 1971. This in-house operation gives them full control over the whole manufacturing process and lets them ensure that the products meet their strict quality standards. This also lets Surco develop a more diverse line of products for a wide range of vehicles.

Surco Products is truly a family business. Surco has grown larger since beginning as a father-and-son operation, but the family presence is still prevalent. The company, now stretching 3 generations, is confident and excited that they will continue to provide useful and inventive products for the automotive industry for years to come.