Hauler Racks didn't exactly invent the pickup truck cargo rack, but they certainly revolutionized the industry with their aluminum truck rack. Before 1985 - the year Hauler Racks opened up shop - nearly every truck rack on the market was made from welded stainless steel tubing. While steel was an industry norm, it didn't take an expert to notices the flaws of these truck racks. For starters, steel is highly susceptible to rust, and just a single scratch could turn a sparkling silver rack rust brown. Even more important than aesthetics, the biggest problem with these racks was their weight. The heavy-duty steel tubing put unneeded pressure on the trucks, causing sagging rear ends and lower overall payload capabilities, which meant multiple trips to the job site and more money spent at the pump.

For Hauler Racks, the flaws of steel were too big to ignore. Instead of falling in line, Hauler Racks decided to blaze their own trail by creating the world's first aluminum truck rack. Hauler Racks Truck Racks and Van Racks are built with rust-resistant anodized aluminum tubing and a mixture of galvanized and stainless steel hardware, making it as strong as a traditional steel rack but at a fraction of the weight.

Since the success of its first truck rack, Hauler Racks continues to innovate and expand. Never a company to cling to its laurels, the Hauler Racks catalog now includes cap racks, van racks, and drop down ladder rack accessories. Hauler Racks has also recently improved upon their original rack with the Hauler II Truck Rack.

Hauler Racks builds racks to fit nearly every model truck and van on the road. The company's industrious spirit has made it a favorite among contractors and crafty do-it-yourselfers for over two decades. Hauler Racks is based out of Minneapolis, MN.