Over 25 years ago, a small company in Fresno, CA was inspired to build the best-performing lowering suspensions for Chevy pickups. Fresno was full of lowered cars and trucks, but their suspensions left much to be desired. Springs were cut, parts were misplaced with mismatched components, and the result was often a barely roadworthy ride. Enter Belltech and their advanced design team.

Belltech Lowering Kits and Suspensions were spawned with a simple goal - to build spindles that lift the wheels without disrupting the rest of the front-end geometry. The Belltech Drop Spindle was introduced, and the sport-truck craze in America was born. Belltech Suspension components like shackles, hanger kits, and lowered coil springs soon followed and helped give truck suspensions a complete makeover. In just a few years Belltech became the most in-demand truck suspension brand in the industry.

Thanks to their success in the '80s and '90s, Belltech grew into a large manufacturing facility in Sanger, California. The plant has additional space for both engineering and R&D, allowing them to develop new products more quickly and efficiently. Belltech Lowering Kits and Suspension Components are constantly being added for new applications from domestic brands like Ford and GM, as well as import trucks from Nisaan, Isuzu, and more.

No matter what you need in a lowered truck suspension, look no further than the strength and quality of Belltech Suspension.