It started as a simple experiment, a group of researchers looking for innovative ways to deal with the oil crisis in the late 1950s. Soon enough, the group was selling lean-burn fuel systems for consumer use. Over 40 years later, MSD Ignition is among the best in the aftermarket performance auto parts industry.

Based out of El Paso, Texas, the company's "Fire to Drive" is on display in every form of racing. Supplying teams in NASCAR, World of Outlaws, NHRA, and countless other racing leagues, it's becoming hard to find an automotive racing event in which MSD products are not prominently featured. But it's not just for hardcore racers: most of MSD's products are used by hobbyists and people simply looking for everyday automotive performance gains.

They've become a staple of the industry, and MSD Ignition's "Fire to Drive" isn't going out any time soon. They will continue to develop new and exciting products with the same passion that's carried them this far. Passion like theirs is a truly impressive thing, and it has lead to a stable of truly impressive products.