Based in San Diego, California, Marshall Genuine Products (MGP) specializes in crafting high quality caliper covers for cars and trucks. They incorporate technology that originally developed from manufacturing aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium for the aerospace and recreation industries, and combine that technology with over a quarter-century of engineering experience. The result: a rugged, long-lasting product that makes every vehicle look great.

Upon buying aftermarket wheels for his vehicle, Mike Barland found that the extra viewing area formed by the large wheels exposed some ugly brake calipers. An aftermarket brake kit seemed like an expensive and unnecessary modification, and other caliper covering/painting options were messy, flimsy, and hard to apply. Barland's goal, then, became to develop a quality, form-fitting cover that fastened securely. After 4 years of developing and testing multiple attachment systems, Barland landed on a versatile, reliable stainless steel clip and fastener system, and MGP was born.

MGP is proud to develop, engineer, and build their products in the U.S.A.