Driven by the simply philosophy of providing race-ready exhausts for the masses, MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust has been the favorite brand of professionals and amateurs alike. Over the last two decades the company has taken the professional racing world by storm with their sleek, state-of-the-art products. In fact, MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems have been endorsed by some of racing's biggest stars. This esteemed list includes Mario Andretti, Boyd Coddington and Ivan Stewart, among many others.

MagnaFlow's success hasn't just come from endorsements - MagnaFlow became an industry leader through the tireless work of their design team. MagnaFlow designers have an almost scary obsession with power and speed, and their an attention to detail is unmatched. Every MagnaFlow exhaust system and muffler is built using innovative CNC technology and then tested on MagnaFlow's in-house racetrack and dyno to ensure each component meets their stringent performance standards. Some may call it overkill, but it is this obsession that leads to some of the highest-performing, most free-flowing exhausts on the market today.

Each MagnaFlow product is made here in the USA at their manufacturing plant in Southern California.