August Bilstein didn't have the slightest clue what was to come when he was laying the foundation for BILSTEIN in Germany's Westphalia region in 1873. Originally selling window fittings, this company grew past the boundaries of its own country upon years of technical innovations. It began to grow and move towards the auto accessories industry in 1927 when August's son took over the business. After they began making chrome-plated bumpers and car jacks for mass produced cars, the rest was history. They introduced the very first telescopic shock absorbers, which is still considered a major contribution to driving safety today.

If you want something with a rich history of advancement in the auto accessory industry, then BILSTEIN is your company. Their gas pressure technology is still used in telescope shock absorbers, most reputably seen in the Mercedes S-class production line. The demands of its customers in the automotive and tuning industries are what drive BILSTEIN to achieve greatness today. Driving comfort and safety are what it strives for in each part it makes.

It doesn't matter whether you're driving a Mercedes or not; everyone deserves a part from BILSTEIN.