With a base of operations in the great American Midwest, Trident has stood proud since the day their assembly lines started moving, sticking to their original goal of producing top notch automotive accessories at affordable prices. Economical, durable, and innovative, Trident confidently stands behind each of their products, and when you examine one yourself you’ll see the results.

When you see a product with a Trident logo on it, you know it’s made to last. The quality assurance measures conducted at their 250,000 sq. ft. production facility are unrivaled, and every aspect of Trident’s line meets or exceeds all industry standards. Trident’s innovative line starts by looking hard at the problems with modern auto accessories, and finding solutions to each - making a superior product in the process.

When you want products that are as tough, reliable, and functional, as they are stylish and eye-catching, Trident is the place to look.