Eibach suspension products are made to stand up to the extreme demands of racing. A stock production vehicle may be fine for an 'average driver,' but race enthusiasts need the increased stability, immediate response, enhanced cornering ability, and reduced body roll that only comes from an Eibach suspension - not to mention the lower, more athletic, more muscular racing stance.

Eibach's engineers specialize in tuning individual components to find the ideal harmony between driver, road, and vehicle. The result is reduced nose dive and body roll, as well as enhanced tracking stability and driver confidence. Their entire process, from concept to final shipping, follows a rigid Quality Control System that is certified by and even exceeds the top EN ISO 9001 and QS9000 international quality standards. When you pick up an Eibach part, rest assured that it is of the highest quality possible. That's why Eibach is destined to fulfill 'The Will to Win.'