Husky Liners has been at the forefront of interior automotive protection since the company first began 22 years ago. Husky was among the first to use custom molding for their products, making them an overnight success story and the beloved mat of choice for SUV and truck owners. Husky has since expanded their operations, and now makes customized floor mats for cars in addition to their existing liners and mats for pickups and SUVs.

Husky Liners were first created by Bob Tyler, whose love for both the great outdoors and maintaining a clean car lead to the creation of the first Husky Cargo Mat. Based in Winfield, Kansas, Husky Liners fits the archetype of the small business to a T. The company is made up of 100 workers, all of whom share a love for auto accessories and an true passion for innovation. Each department, from the customer service team to the designers to the Chairman of the Board, works together on a daily basis to create thermo-plastic liners and mats that coincide with their customer's high expectations.

Husky Liners has always been keen on their customer's needs, which is why they continue to expand their product line. Some of Husky's newer products include flow-through tailgates, sunshades and contractor racks. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of your truck, and they're built with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail that makes their floor mats famous.

The Husky Liners brand dominates not just because of their high-quality products. Their ability to anticipate and respond to drivers' changing needs is another reason why they're been consistently listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Drop some floor liners in your vehicle and see why Husky Liners have become America's favorite floor mat and cargo liner.