Over seventy years ago Firestone started full air-based suspensions for passenger cars. Firestone Airide air springs were installed on the new line of General Motors buses in the early 50s. Later that decade, air suspensions continued to gain popularity in luxury vehicles. Over the next 20 years, technology improvements in other air suspension components, such as compressors and valves, helped support the growth of air suspensions. In the late 1970s, Ford Motor Company incorporated air suspension in the Lincoln Town Car and Continental.

Firestone has continued to be innovative in product design, material selection and customer service, providing drivers with improved ride quality and safe load-carrying capabilities. Currently, Firestone provides air springs to Ford, Land Rover, Range Rover and the General Motors Hummer division. Their heavy duty products can be found on all larger over-the-road trucks, such as Peterbilt and Freightliner. The Firestone AIRIDE trademark can be seen on trailers all across our great country and the world.