EBC Brakes Group, founded in 1978, has grown into a worldwide company with an excellent grasp on the braking industry. EBC began as a manufacturer of brakes for motorcycles, with majority market shares in most western markets.

Since then EBC Brakes Group has developed a vast range of brake products for automobiles and motorcycles as well as commercial applications. Read our EBC Brakes Reviews to see what your fellow customers are saying about EBC rotors and brake pads. EBC Rotors and EBC Brake Pads are built in their facilities in Northampton & Bristol, England, as well as in Cleveland, Ohio, and distributed throughout the world.

EBC Brake Pads and Rotors are crafted from top-quality British steel with much higher strength than stock parts. Whether for everyday driving, off-road, or racing, EBC has a high-performance brake pad or rotor for every use. From EBC Greenstuff brake pads to the lie of EBC Ultramax rotors and pads, EBC Brakes delivers. EBC Brakes are the toughest brakes on the market, for any application.