Power Stop Extreme Performance brake products have satisfied thousands of customers since 1996. The Power Stop mission is to provide an affordable solution to the brake challenges that performance drivers face today. Need braking Power? Power Stop has engineered the best solutions for trucks, SUV's, race cars, and police persuit vehicles. Don't believe us? Check out these Power Stop customer reviews to see what your fellow customers are saying about Power Stop products.

Tired of warped rotors? If you enjoy pushing the performance limit with your ride, and you've experienced that pulsating pedal, then Power Stop has the permanent solution: Power Stop cross drilled rotors run 200 degrees cooler than stock rotors to prevent rotor warping and brake fade. That's why Corvette, Porsche, Mercedes and many other sports cars come equipped OE direct with cross drilled rotors.

Power Stop brakes offer durable performance for off-road and wet conditions. Power Stop's rotors are designed to enable out-gassing of the pads for improved friction. Friction debris is constantly wiped from the rotor surface to assure a high coefficient of friction when you need it most. Power Stop customers demand quiet, low dusting brakes that last longer and they have responded. Independent testing shows that the coefficient of friction is 49% higher than the leading competitor during high velocity stops. Tests show that Power Stop brake pads last 42% longer than OE products.

Power Stop brakes do not require a costly brake overhaul to get great results. Auto Accessories Garage customers demand better than OEM brakes, and Power Stop delivers. Power Stop's cross drilled OE replacement rotor has become the industry benchmark for quality and performance. The worlds leading sports cars such as Porshe, Ferrari, Mercedes and the new 500 HP Z06 Corvette are factory equipped with cross drilled rotors.

Power Stop's job is to assure best in class products that are safe, durable and look awesome on your car. Their zinc dichromate plating keeps your rotors looking good for a long time, and it is more environmentally friendly than cadmium plating. Cadmium is extremely toxic and tightly regulated by EPA and OSHA. Power Stop takes pride in giving you a great looking product that is much safer to you and the environment.

NEW TRUCK AND TOW Z36 FRICTION! To address numerous customers' requests to improve the stopping distance on heavy GVW SUVs and trucks, Power Stop recently introduced their Truck and Tow Z36 friction series of brake pads. These pads are engineered to prevent brake fade under heavy cycling conditions. If you are towing or hauling loads, Power Stop will give you dramatically improved braking power, even in wet weather conditions.