Coverking was founded in 1986 by an aerospace engineer in Southern California looking to set a new standard for how car covers are made. By using advanced design and manufacturing technologies, they revolutionized the car cover industry, leaving the competition to play catch-up.

Coverking's line of products is built on the tenets of design technology, product quality, and devoted service. They were the first to utilize advanced CAD/CAM for the custom design and construction of their covers, setting a new standard in car cover manufacturing. Read our Coverking Seat Cover Reviews for specific customer raves about how this precision translates to everyday use.

Not only do Coverking's car, seat, and dash covers look great - they also protect your vehicle safely and reliably. Inferior covers are made from questionable materials that can even do damage to your vehicle. Coverking continues to search out the highest quality materials to pamper your ride and provide years of protection from the hazards of parking and storage.

If it's protection you need for your car, truck, or SUV, go with the world leader - Coverking.