Gibson got their start because of a practical matter. Ron Gibson and his wife Julie needed much more power and torque out of their motorhome, and after lots of research they were disappointed with what was out there. They decided right then to hire top-notch engineers and technicians, and begin producing some prototypes - and the Gibson brand was born.

Since taking on that RV project, Gibson has become the leading manufacturer of high-performance, street legal exhaust systems for SUVs, trucks, diesel vehicles, offroad machines, and yes, motorhomes. Every system is custom-designed for a bolt-on, hassle-free installation that looks and performs on a truly professional level. Best yet, Gibson Systems are highly cost-effective - you get an incredible amount of power, efficiency, and style for your dollar.

The Gibson difference is most evident in four ways: Quality, Power, Sound, and Flow. Gibson's product development, CAD/CAM design methods, and CNC mandrel tube benders result in the highest quality exhausts out there. They deliver power gains in the 2,000-4,000 RPM range, which is far more commonly used than the 5-6,000 RPM range other competitive systems claim to improve. Each system provides a different exhaust tone, from deep and throaty to loud and intense. And finally, these benefits all stem from Gibson's high-flow designs, which are designed not for high flow, but efficient flow.

Get the most out of your truck, and do it at the best price, with Gibson Performance Exhaust.