Supercars, jalopies, and everything in-between: an interactive list of cinema's greatest cars.

Like most things on the Internet, this project started during a lunch conversation about P.I. shows in the 70s and 80s. A list of 10 famous TV cars became a list of 20 movie cars, which became 50 and so on. We launched this with 115 vehicles and the understanding we'd add more until we had the ultimate TV and movie car list. If you'd like to help us out on our quest to catalog the best vehicles committed to film, send us some TV/movie car suggestions! As you can probably tell by the inclusion of the Bluth Stair Car and the Corvette Walter wrecks in the The Big Lebowski, we're not just looking for vehicles in movies and TV shows about cars. Basically, we're looking for any vehicle that left a notable cinematic footprint. Likewise, if you'd like to suggest a correction, drop us a line. What's the web for if not for telling people you've never met that they're wrong and should feel bad?