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Gentex Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror with Rear Camera Display

Gentex Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror with Rear Camera Displayenlarge
Sorry, this product is no longer available. Click Here to shop other available Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors

Sorry, at this time we do not have this product in stock.

We're sorry, Gentex Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror with Rear Camera Display are currently out of stock. Please browse other Rear View Mirrors for alternative products.

  • Auto-dimming mirror minimizes annoying and dangerous headlight glare
  • High-resolution LCD monitor displays reverse view when paired with a rear bumper camera
  • Available with 2.4" and 3.5" standard-ratio or 3.3" 16:9 widescreen display
  • Display engages when vehicle is put into reverse, then disappears when shifted into any other gear
  • Matches OEM mirror looks
  • Optional Homelink control and compass display available
  • Rear-view camera sold separately
  • Not designed for convertibles

The Gentex Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with Rear Camera Display gives you the ultimate in driving safety. The mirror surface automatically dims when hit with headlight glare, giving you a clearer view of the road and your fellow drivers. As well, a high-resolution LCD display shows the area behind your rear bumper when paired with a rear camera.

Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors utilize a special electrochromatic gel situated between two panes of ultra-clear glass. When light hits the sophisticated sensor it sends an electrical current to the gel, which causes it to dim. The darkened gel filters out the harsh reflections and headlight glare that can wash out your rear view. Your night driving will be safer, with a view that is clearer and much less fatiguing than with stock mirrors.

Hook up a rear-view camera (sold separately), shift into reverse, and you'll see an LCD monitor appear from behind the mirror glass. This display shows the area directly behind your bumper in real time. This greatly increases your safety when backing up and should reduce the possibility of back-up accidents. Unlike dashboard-mounted screens, the Gentex monitor is located in an intuitive location on the left side of your mirror.

If your vehicle is not equipped with a rear view camera, add a Boyo License Plate Camera when ordering. This universal camera mounts to your rear license plate. With a 130 degree viewing angle and vertical swivel adjustment, you can set the camera how you need it and capture a wide angle. A 24.5" video/power/ground cable is included, with a standard composite RCA video output plug for easy installation.

Choose a Gentex Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with Rear Camera Display - because safety is no accident.

Note: Due to their wiring design, Gentex Mirrors are not designed for use on convertibles.