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PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kit

PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kitenlarge
  • Regular Price: $106.25-142.05
  • Our Price: $72.12- 96.42
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Flexible LED Underbody Kit

  • Cruise in style with a PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kit
  • LED ground effects mimic neon lights with durable precision
  • Flexible plastic casing built to last
  • 4' LED light strips for along vehicle sides, 3' strips for along front and rear bumper
  • Fits any car, truck, or SUV: available with 4 strips for cars, 6 strips for trucks & SUVs
  • Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to vehicle lighting, few trends have had the legs of neon ground effects. They make your car or truck look cool, they show that you have style, and, when you hook up a PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kit, they last a long time.

Unlike other vehicle ground effects, these LED lights are covered in flexible plastic that protects them from damage. Each kit for cars features four flexible LED light strips; those for trucks and SUVs come with six strips. The separate strips involved in each PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kit serve a specific purpose, be they 3' strips for use on bumpers or 4' strips for below your doors. Easy to install and wire, it won't take long upon receiving these LED ground effects before your vehicle has the exact style you've always wanted.

Vehicle ground effects make your car or truck stand out from the crowd. Do so with confidence that your new lights will last when you use a PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kit. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.