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Reese Lighted Logo Emblem

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Lighted Logo Emblem

  • Let those behind you know where you stand with a Reese Lighted Logo Emblem
  • Your favorite truck manufacturer's logo (Chevy, Ram, GMC, Ford) illuminates the night with clear, bright LED lights
  • Simple peel-and-stick application
  • Low illumination when tail lights on, high illumination when brake lights shine
  • Officially licensed, patented design
  • Includes all installation hardware

The brand battle has been raging for decades, and it continues on today. Let other drivers know how deep your loyalty runs by pick up a Reese Lighted Logo Emblem.

Long-lasting LED lights in the shape of a Chevy, Ford, GMC, or Dodge Ram logo fit perfectly on your truck's tailgate and light up the night sky. When your tail lights are in use, low illumination doesn't interfere with other drivers' vision. When you use your brake lights, the Reese Lighted Logo Emblem shines brighter, calling attention to your logo. Officially licensed and patented, these logos come with a complete installation kit.

Show your colors, and show your pride, with a Reese Lighted Logo Emblem.