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Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner

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  • Modify virtually every aspect of your vehicles engine
  • Tweak your transmission shift points, shift pressures, and fan temperature settings
  • Ability to correct speedometer to accommodate for gear ratio or tire size changes
  • Disable factory diagnostic trouble codes
  • Raise or lower your speed and rev limiters
  • Adjust spark advance, injection timing and rail pressure settings

The Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner is designed for top-notch performance. Take total control of your vehicle's programming using Jet's provided DST software. Using your laptop or PC, you'll have the ability to modify virtually every aspect of your engine.

Stock programming from your vehicle is initially downloaded and saved to your PC using the supplied Jet interface cable that connects to your vehicles diagnostic port. These stock settings are stored allowing you to return to your vehicle's original state at any time.

The easy to use software allows extensive modification to your vehicles software. This allows you to control the fuel and spark tables, transmission functions, speed and rev limiters, torque management tables, plus much more. Modifications are made using detailed graph and table views for simple and accurate parameter editing. Your modifications are saved as a new file and downloaded to your vehicles computer.

Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner Customer Reviews

who drives a Chevrolet Camaro
Five stars, easy to use & a nice price when you compare it to other horse power tuners.