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Superchips VIVID Tuner

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  • The Superchips VIVID Tuner combines cutting-edge consumer electronics with the industry's leading performance tuners in one truly unique system
  • Comes with an Archos 8 GB tablet powered by Android to run your system
  • Utilizing Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly to your vehicle
  • Applications for Diesel, Gasoline, and Jeep engines
  • Pre-stored tunes geared towards performance, fuel economy, off-roading, and towing
  • Maintenance Minder alerts you when it's time for a system check-up
  • Mileage Mentor monitors driving habits and improves them
  • Virtual gauges display engine parameters so you can keep real-time tabs on your system
  • Kit includes tablet, Bluetooth dongle, windshield mount, power adapter, and a wide variety of tablet applications, including VIVID app
  • Also available without tablet
  • 50-state emissions legal
  • 1-Year Warranty

It was only a matter of time before a performance chip company started utilizing the ultimate convenience of a tablet to run a performacne tuner. That day has come, and the results are spectacular. Pick up a Superchips VIVID Performance Tuner and see for yourself.

The Superchips VIVID Tuner kit includes an Android-powered Archos 8 GB tablet that comes pre-loaded with the VIVID tuner application, as well as apps to play your music, videos, and games. This system utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology for full tuning capabilities without any wires. Best yet, if you already own an Android phone or tablet you can purchase the LINQ engine interface on its own and save some cash.

The Superchips VIVID Performance Tuner works with diesel, gas, and Jeep engines, and is geared to improve your vehicle's performance, fuel economy, towing, and off-road capabilities. Alerts will fire when it's time for maintenance, and another program keeps tabs on your driving habits in the hope of improving them over the long haul for the health of your engine. Virtual gauges give you real-time updates on how your engine is operating, and this system is 50-state emissions legal and fully C.A.R.B.-approved. Everything you need is here to properly use this groundbreaking system.

Aggressive, innovative performance tuning is at your disposal with the Superchips VIVID Performance Tuner. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.