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Nordic Auto Plow

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Nordic Plow
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Auto Plow

  • The Nordic Snow Plow turns virtually any car or SUV into a snow-pushing machine
  • Universal design is easy to strap onto your vehicle, no matter the size
  • No hitches, hydraulics, or motors to install or maintain
  • 79" composite blade won't mark up driveways or tear up grass and gravel
  • Easy to handle - weighs only 52 lbs.
  • Affordable - costs less than most snow blowers
  • Made in the USA
  • 90-Day Warranty

Shoveling snow is a long and tiresome process, and with the risk of back injuries and heart attacks it can be downright dangerous. Snow plows are typically reserved only for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs, but wouldn't it be great to be able to strap a plow to your car and clear that driveway out? With the Nordic Auto Plow you can do just that, no matter the size of your vehicle.

The key to the Nordic Plow's versatility is its universal mounting design. With just a few straps and bungee cords, this car plow easily attaches to your hood and body panels, turning even compact cars into plowing machines. The 79" wide blade is made from a tough composite that protects your driveway, and its rounded edge is designed to glide over all surfaces like grass and gravel. It's also light and easy to handle, so it takes just seconds to install the plow to your sedan or SUV. And at a cost that's less than most snow blowers, the Nordic Snow Plow is also an economical solution to your winter woes.

Fight back against the snow and make clearing your driveway a breeze with the versatile Nordic Snow Plow. Backed with a 90-Day Warranty.

Note: The Nordic Auto Plow is not recommended for trucks.

Nordic Auto Plow Customer Reviews

The Nordic Plow works as advertised. It is a very nice piece of equipment. Will save me lots of money in the long run.

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