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Hauler Racks Econo Truck Rack

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Hauler Racks
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Econo Truck Rack

  • The Hauler Racks Econo Truck Rack transports your bulky ladders and construction materials safely and efficiently.
  • Holds up to 500 lbs.
  • The Hauler Racks Universal Truck Rack is constructed of anodized aluminum
  • Width is adjustable to fit your truck bed
  • Equipped with zinc-plated hardware to resist rust
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • 2 styles available: Full-Size Truck Racks and Compact Truck Racks

Free up valuable bed space with the Hauler Racks Econo Truck Rack. This universal truck rack has the strength to safely transport ladders, pipes, and plywood high above your bed so you can use your the additional space to haul the rest of your tools.

The Hauler Racks Universal Truck Rack is constructed of heavy duty materials and features a design that's perfect for contractors. These truck racks are built from rust-proof anodized aluminum, making them significantly lighter than a store-bought steel truck rack. Plus, the Hauler Racks Econo Truck Rack also features an adjustable base, giving you the freedom to fit the rack to your truck bed's dimensions.

The Hauler Racks Ecnono Truck Rack is easy to install with hand tools and comes with all the hardware you need to mount it to your bed quickly. These universal ladder racks are available in 2 sizes to fit full-sized and compact truck beds.

Hauler Racks Econo Truck Rack Customer Reviews


Average Install Time: 2+ Hours

Excellent, easy to install, would recommend to others, very sturdy & strong, will definitely hold weight of any type of ladder.

Install Time: 2+ Hours