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Nordic UTV Snow Plow

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Nordic Plow
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UTV Snow Plow

  • The Nordic UTV Snow Plow is the perfect solution to your path-clearing needs
  • Universal design attaches to UTVs like the Toro Workman, John Deere Gator, and more
  • 64" rubber-composite blade is lightweight, strong, and won't damage driveways
  • Rounded edge glides safely over all kinds of surfaces, including grass, gravel, and brick
  • Perfect for plowing snow as well as pushing water off tarps, installing paver brick sidewalks, and clearing aerated plugs from golf courses
  • Available with or without hitch receiver - no extra cost!
  • Made in the USA
  • 90-Day Warranty

Your UTV gets all kinds of jobs done, but if you want full-blown versatility the Nordic UTV Snow Plow is where its at. This easy-to-install UTV plow is the perfect solution if you've got long paths, driveways, and other large spaces that need clearing from snow and debris.

The key to the Nordic UTV Plow is its rugged, lightweight blade. The 64" wide blade is made from a tough rubber-composite that's lightweight and easy to handle. Its rounded bottom edge makes it compatible with all kinds of smooth and uneen surfaces, and it won't scratch driveways or tear up grass and gravel. In fact, many Nordic Plow owners use the plow for all kinds of applications, from clearing water off of football field tarps to installing paver brick paths.

If you've been looking for a John Deere Gator snow plow or a plow for your Toro Workman, you've found the perfect solution right here. Your Nordic UTV Snow Plow is built in the USA and backed with a 90-Day Warranty.

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